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Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy B'day, Papa..:-)


Dear Papa,

  Wish you many more happy returns of this day, and may all those days see you in the pink of health, encircled by boundless love, a peaceful n happy heart… blissfully content with all that you ever wished for and more...

Love you sooooo much you know? I am not buttering you! I’ve been thinking all these days on how I’d surprise you on your birthday.

Initially, I thought of writing you a poem. That’s when it dawned on me about the very creative poem I wrote about Mummy when I was in third standard, which, to my fate, you found and treasured for future blackmail. That you publicized it and marked the beginning of an era of sarcastic recitals of my poem, coupled with finger pointing and laughing made me drop that idea.

Then I decided to post a nostalgic photo from the 1980’s with you cutting your birthday cake. I got tens of photos of my sister’s and my birthday, but I couldn’t find any of yours. I then painfully realized how Mummy and you ensured that our birthday moments were captured every year. Selflessly. The sacrifices you both made. How you forgot yourselves, for us.

Then I ran through the photo albums of the 1990’s in which there are photos of your birthday party, but you posed with Mummy in all of them! I’m not even in the frame! Later I realized that I had taken those photos. Anyway, I dropped that idea too.

Then I thought I would dedicate an entire article for you, remembering good old times. But I wasn’t sure whether I could do it better than last year’s. I wanted to do something cute this time. So I dropped that idea as well.

Then I thought I’ll get a cute big bouquet delivered at 7.00 a.m right at your doorstep. But how you hate wasting money on flowers and perishable 'useless' stuff, made me drop that idea. I dint even think of buying a shirt and you know why! (The lecture u gave me on why I shouldn’t shop for shirts at least for another decade and a glimpse of your wardrobe having some shirts still with the tags on, was remembered and complied with)

So I am left with some ‘priceless’  love, hugs and kisses which will be delivered in person when you visit me here…then I will wish you a belated birthday and we’ll take lots of snaps and cut a cake too!

People are many but true ones are few,
Years have passed, with experiences new,
But all I have is a great Dad that’s you…
Love you more than you think I do!

Happy 61st B'day, Papa!!!

Lots of Love,


  1. hehe how sweet! uncle will be overwhelmed reading this :) do Convey my birthday wishes to him too :)

  2. How sweet of you, Anu ! My birthday wishes too !!

  3. Awwww!!! Thats really cute :)
    My birthday wishes too!

    Anita, I really wish your papa do visit you soon. :)

  4. splendid di!
    happy birthday Uncle!! :)

  5. Aww..Happy bday Uncle!! May u have many many many more!!

  6. lovely... God bless him and wish him many many more happy memories in the years to come.

    I'd written about my dad on his bday.. later when everyone had commented , one of the bloggers had mailed him the print out with everyone's wishes.. Just a thought :)

  7. Vineeta: Sure di! Thank You!

    Anjana Chechi: Thank u chechi!

    Asif: Thank u so much Asif.

  8. Pradeep: Will convey ur regards da :)

    Shanu: Ohh thank u so much dear. Will convey ur regards too!

    Roshan: Oh thank u soo much doctor! And thats a cool blogger who did that! Thoughtful! A blogger with a purpose :)

  9. How sweet is that! :)
    Wishing your Dad a very very happy b'day :D

  10. Blunt: Thanks a Lot Blunt...! Sure!

    Praful: he he he ;-)

  11. happy birthday uncle,,,
    n anita, this is a nice gift on b'day,,

  12. aaawwwww. that's the sweetest thing. you made me want to call my dad.
    and happy birthday to yours : )

  13. AGG: Wow U read this and wanted 2 call ur Dad! Thats sooo big a compliment! Thanks soo much AGG...!!

  14. nice!happy birthday to ur day...
    the gift that ur r giving is indeed priceless...

  15. Happy B'Day uncle... I am sure this bday wud have been boring without Anu or Anju chechi around...
    Anu, this ones for the memory lane... print this blog + comments out and keep a copy...
    Talking about being inspired, but a lil different from AGG, I called my friend's and called his dad.. (Avande appane vilichu!) :-P

  16. Thommy: Thank u..

    Harman: Thanks :-)

  17. Davis: Thanks da...thank u soo much....!!! LoL at the last line...! :D :D :D

  18. Wah...that was a sweet post anita

    Belated wishes to ur daddy...ur dad n my dad were born in d same yr :) he will turn 61 too dis yr end :)

  19. G3: thanks dear.

    Wow thats nice 2 know...:) same pinch :)

  20. Oh my God... This was just so immensely sweet... And touching... Made me feel all warm and tingly inside...
    Please forward my warmest belated birthday wishes to the Dad who means the world to his little ones... :)

  21. Choco: Sure Choco. Thank u very much.

  22. belated birthday wishes Sam uncle! :)


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