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Thursday, June 27, 2013

When tomboys are born..

I am pushed to write this post, after having read the one at Shobhaa De’s and another from fellow blogger Sowmya. Here is one more to add to the one hundred and one articles you've already read about YJHD – Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. It doesn’t matter if you are a lover or a hater of it, but you cant just say that it wasn't entertaining.

When Deepika started the journey through this movie as a nerd, she’d been wearing short skirts and frocks, especially in a train where she had to climb an upper berth. The bespectacled one, who cannot think outside her textbook, ventures out on a trip with total strangers for trekking at Manali. This was a scene where the inappropriate dressing of her character caught the attention and criticism of the most amateur of movie goers. From then on, I completely ignored her and focused on Aditi, the brilliant and yet understated character portrayed by Kalki Koechlin. I cannot think of anyone else who could get into the skin of that character the way she did, and her side of the story kept the viewer guessing,  because the future of the protagonists Ranbir and Deepika was indeed the inevitable cliche. I appreciate the writer of this movie who knowingly or not scripted that scene in which Avi, played by Aditya Roy Kapoor cuddles with a random girl and Aditi gets fiercely possessive. The part where she hides her feelings and chooses not to talk about her love brought depth and reality to her character. This character is a slice of real life. Because that is how it is for a majority of girls.

Aditi is also realistic. Her love, Avi, doesn't even consider the fact that she is a girl. Neither did he look into her eyes even once. She was the quintessential girl pal, the one who is wooden at heart, at least for him. So there was no point in craving and waiting around, and she settles in life with the potbellied rich guy, for the reason that he loved her. Not for his BMW or the Antilla type home he probably lived in. And for this choice she made, we should applaud her, because tomboys are realistic. They live in the present and not in lacy dreams.

Why I am vouching for this character is because once upon a time I was Aditi too. I had those pretty girls for friends, and the boys asked me for their phone numbers. I was a wooden bridge that connected them to a book of phone numbers of pretty girls. However I was realistic too. We girls are born attention seekers, so am I, and I got the attention, albeit in a different light. That was when the tomboy in me was born. I am guessing that’s how tomboys are born everywhere.

There are no tomboys by choice. Tomboys are born when some level headed girls, who don’t think that wearing nail polish and getting manicures is the sole objective of life. They are the ones who dare to think beyond the men’s hostel. They are the ones who are logical. That doesn't make us less feminine. That doesn't make us feminists either.

At some level Kalki was the Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Except that, Anjali ran away when her feelings were not reciprocated, whereas Aditi was rock strong and dared to choose her own life without any regrets. 

Let there be more Aditis.

P.S: After I wrote this post, I tweeted the link to Kalki Koechlin, impulsively. Just like that. And see what I got ! And of course, I've been screaming from my rooftop about this ;-)

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The curious case of the missing credit card.

It was a lazy weekend. Kiddo and I woke up late and by the time we finished our routines it was closer to noon than to morning.  The hubby was not home. He is an early riser. Yes even on weekends :-O. Even that early bird which catches the worm stretches a bit on weekends. Sigh so much for me whose idea of weekend or any holiday for that matter is just sleep.

I placed myself comfy on the couch and the toddler got busy dismantling the toys he was recently gifted with. That’s when my phone rang . It was him.

“Hello?” I said.

“Where did YOU misplace my credit card !!!??”

I've been asked this question each and every single day of my existence with him that I get worried if he doesn't ;-) Honestly, this question and all the exclamations which translated itself into high frequency emergency tones did not even bother me. Because ever since I've known him, when something went missing, it was always ‘Where did YOU keep it…” .It is never “Do you remember seeing my credit card somewhere” or “Can you help me search this” or “Where did my credit card go I wonder” or anything in that category. It is always ’Where did YOU MISPLACE my credit card’ with an emphasis on YOU and MISPLACE.  Because he thinks my favorite hobby is to misplace things. Especially credit cards and other valuables.  

I continued, “I don’t know. Where are you? ”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“Where are you? ”

“At the supermarket! My Credit card ! I used it yesterday at the …oh yes! Go check in the car dashboard… NOW!! And call me back.”


I got up slowly…really slowly, picked up the toddler and pressed the lift buttons and went to the basement.  I walked towards the usual parking slot and did not find the car there. And then I realized. 

The phone rang again.

“Did you go to the basement? Did you search in the car dashboard or not?”

“Dint you go to the supermarket in that car?”  I almost yelled. 



“Okay I will check from here” he softly said, and hung up. You will not believe the sudden transformation in the tone of speech :D

P.S: Of course I sounded intelligent when he came home and said that I knew that the car was not here. I did not mention the part where I carried the toddler to the basement to search for it.

For those who are curious to know whether he found it finally, yes. It was safely sitting in one of the 6757325 pockets of the cargo trouser he was wearing at that time.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Our new, extended family !

So basically there are four people in our house. Hubby, toddler, myself and the TV.

Because, when the new TV arrived over a month ago, I was told that it had the ability to listen and obey (unlike the others in the house) and hence it will be considered as a person, and treated like a new born (like other gadgets and cables and wires and the dust sitting on them).

This new age television was obviously bought on an EMI scheme, because hello, we do not believe in selling kidneys to buy television sets. So coming to the TV, it is sleek and huge. It has got a remote control, but as they say, remote controls are hard to find and getting up every time to get a hold on it may even result in drastic consequences like movement of bones and loss of calories. So the television makers have eased our lives and increased our risks of obesity and heart disease by enabling the voice recognition software. So we just sit on the couch and say, ‘Hi TV, Power on’, or ‘Hi TV, power off’. 

Mind-blowing :D 

And when you raise your hand by just sitting on the couch, the television instantly brings the volume controls and we can adjust it there itself. This is not an excellent feature for people like me, because if I raise my hand to scratch my head, all the volume controls appear and I have two pairs of eyes rolling at me. I mean- to use hi-fi televisions like these, one should be well groomed . The TV does not entertain people with dandruff watching it.

Then of course it allows you to watch 3D. Like on weekends you have bloody  eyeballs from Final Destination3 rolling into your lap or the T-Rex eating your brain.

Now the good news is, that was also the first sentence my toddler said. Hi, TV power on. Praise the Lord, he talked to the TV first! I was moved to tears . Thankfully, the TV does not obey him because of course TV is TV and it doesn't understand baby language. (Neither do we).

But believe me the clarity is like a dream. Then of course it helps indirect means of communication. Like when there are  lots of chores pending for the weekend, and everybody else act like they are completely oblivious to it and place themselves on the couch, saying 'Hi Tv, power on', and from the kitchen I go 'Hi TV, get lost'. 
Hey, I do not disrespect anyone; I am talking to the TV! But a hint is taken ;-).Am I smart or what.

And if we talk aloud, the TV thinks that we are talking to it and brings a small bubble on the bottom of the screen which reads ‘Is it noisy around you?’ and ‘Try saying that again’ and then I want to yell…hey we have life going on here, so please! And to that usually it takes a Manmohan Singh stand. Somewhere inside a maze of wires and capacitors, it might be saying to itself ‘Theek Hai’.

Oh I almost forgot, I will soon be inviting you guys for the official christening ceremony. ;-) Of course it will carry a surname, and you know what that will be :D

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