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Monday, March 22, 2010

Home-hunting ..

It is  fun home hunting in Bangalore. Being a notoriously immature couple and dangerously incapable of making good decisions, we set out to make popular beliefs come true.

And yeah, I called one of the not-so-popular builders last day to enquire the starting price for a villa. The receptionist wanted to know our budget. I still thank God to this minute that I dint tell her my budget lest she would have heard the biggest joke of her life…cos.. the starting price of a villa was Rs. 2.6 crores.

Here is why. The villa is in close proximity to the newly constructed Forum Value Mall. We have to take an auto and pay  Rs.40 to get a half kilo onions, but being so close to Forum, we can buy Gucci sunglasses every day, you see.

15 radio songs and 25000 ads later, we reached the site which holds another 'affordable' piece of land. One needs to have trekking shoes and goggles  to reach the exact location. The builder calls it a 'township'. Seriously, barren land, not a tree or road in sight. My husband wondered aloud on why there were no trees, and the builder told that soon there will be…pointing to a budding mango tree the size of a weed over there. If you see the sounds like a Shakespearean tale…’with acres of lush,  green grasses and shady trees which gives your home the soothing comfort of quality, luxury and..blah... blah... blah..."
 I truly admire their immense foresight to the future.

 It was very convincing when the builder also added, that the area was very secure, and we don't need to have pet dogs there…pointing to a gang of street dogs growling at us. Probably he meant to say that we'd have to  tame wild animals to fight these dogs.


God please help me find a home.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I was trying to find where Sangeeth Theatre was... and here is what I found..:-(

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Boyz, and happy Gals!

International Women’ day, women’s reservation bill getting passed…oh my ! too much going on in my life. haha
And some, foolishly believe it is going to bridge gender gap.
It is always better to have the gap , you know? Otherwise, what is the difference?
I can’t help but say that among animals and birds, the male species are more attractive ( yeah they have a purpose for being attractive, I know).

Take for example the Lion.

It looks so sexy with all that fluffy, well maintained, royal mane. I actually gave flying kisses to it at the Bannerghatta National Park (my husband has never been more embarassed).
However the lioness could be easily mistaken as a dog if it weren’t in the same cage as the Lion.

See the peacock, with the bushy tail and bright colours. Pea hen is like an overgrown ordinary hen. No wonder they don’t keep them at zoos.
However, the peacock with all those colours , feathers and rain dance… Seriously, not manly, dude..! Think about it..! Be a man!
Ok I guess its high time I stopped this.. I am questioning the gender of our National Bird.

You know, the cafeteria in my office is jam packed at noon. Getting a chair and table so that one may sit and eat is close to impossible.
What we can do is, take the plate with the inedible lunch in it and look pathetically around. And ask some guy/ girl for the vacant seat next to them. The next thing I know, some guy will signal me with his hands to sit there. Whereas, if it is some girl alone in a table with vacant chairs all around her and I ask for the chair,’ she cruelly responds, ‘Oh I'm sorry.... one of my friends will come…she might need this chair to keep her bag…and that chair to keep her leg..and the other chair also...!#$%^&***&^%

You know, girls are such a horror.

When it comes to friendship, guys are definitely better. A gang of girls as best friends? Works only if they are nuns.

When it comes to choosing restaurants… guys win.

When it comes to choosing a holiday location, girls win.

Choosing a car? Guys win.

Choosing the colour for that car? Girls win.

Humor sense? Guys win! (Girls try to find the hidden meaning and intention of the joke, and by the time they realize, its too late to laugh)

Cleanliness and good memory? Girls win!

Shopping and dress sense? This one belong to girls. We do not have opponents here.

Bowling? Guys win!

Carroms? Girls win!

Marriage? Noone wins!

Yeah! We are made for each other!!

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