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Monday, January 18, 2010

Duly noted..!

Conversations with friends have suddenly narrowed down to husbands, in laws, cooking, the indisciplined maid at home and other stuff which once I never knew existed...Oh My..! I painfully realized that our capability to pass comments and nickname others and forget their actual names have been destroyed. Yes, now my ears and all other organs which are supposed to do the LISTENING part have trained themselves to do their torturous duties. It is usually about Thunderbird, Sony DVD Player, Canon 500D, Apple laptop or the like..!! And yeah, the enthusiasm is often met with a curious expression of mine :)

I am a brilliant actress you see.

When asked very romantically as to what he needs as a wedding anniversary gift and gleefully replying ‘Ya! That would be ... a stabilizer for the home theatre’ came as a slap on the face. But coming early from office that day and giving me a huge pocket money with permission to buy whatever I want is duly noted!

That my Dad says not to drink juices from local stores to avoid cholera and other deadly diseases is poorly misinterpreted by the daring husband as ‘spoonfed and pampered to bits’. But, buying an egg puff to a hunger stricken child while at the store is duly noted.

That multiplexes are for English movies and misjudging Hindi and Malayalam movies as not worth a multiplex ticket is disgusting. But a Saturday special ‘come lets go to forum’ but saving a surprise ticket for ‘3 idiots ‘is duly noted.

Hesitating to visit my home whenever we are in town and making a huge fuss about the distance and time required is painful. But talking cheerfully to my parents on phone and making them feel like he is a son they never had is duly noted!

Getting increasingly impatient while I choose a dress at a store is embarrassing. But enquiring whether I liked it and paying the bills without any haste is duly noted!

Reminding me of his Mom’s culinary skills is discouraging. But initiating to have lunch from office when he understands that I dint  have the time to cook, is duly noted!

Men are from Mars and women from Venus, but we nag and pester not because you are unacceptably weird, but because most of the time you tend to be in Mars itself..This is the only way to make you listen! But even when you are seemingly in Mars, the big heart that’s inside is duly noted!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Generation Gap ..!!!

This Christmas I learnt one big lesson. Generation Gap. Talk about twitter, orkut, facebook, the geeky Moms and Dads are unlikely to understand and thats what we usually call a Generation Gap. But, its not so. Having my Dad and Dad in law equally active in orkut, facebook and twitter, I never had the right opportunity to use that phrase.

Here are some of my inferences on Generation Gap.

*We are planning a family reunion at Cochin. My parents have to come from Trivandrum, me and my better half from Bangalore.*

Two months before the reunion:

Parents are planning the reunion, whether we should have dinner out, what gifts to buy, coordinating the expected time of our arrival with theirs.

We: ???

One month before the reunion:

Parents book tickets. Tells maid of the trip in advance so that she will be available on those days to water the plants and feed the fishes.

We: ????

Two weeks before the trip:

Parents wrap gifts, keep them packed in respective bags so that it is not forgotten. Other luggage are taken out from cupboards and cleaned.

We: ?????

One week before the trip:

Parents start packing the bags, ensure three copies of train tickets one in each bag, identity cards, gives instructions to the maid, keeps valuable items securely.

We: ??????

Three days before the trip:

Mummy takes her travel checklist and checks away all items and ensures stuff forgotten is packed, and checks them too. Toiletries are kept near the luggage as they have to be packed last.

We: Awake from hibernation.

Two days before the trip:

Parents ensure that no food is kept in the fridge and tries to finish them or give them away.

We: Speed through the traffic to travel offices to see whether any tickets are available and gets the obvious answer. Decide to go in car.

Previous day of the trip:

Mummy is checking a higher level checklist which has options to check whether the other checklists are done.

We stuff clothes into one bag and throw away food from the fridge. Informs peers and Leads of vacation required and see their true colors for leaving on such a short notice. Meanwhile listen to the long distance yelling of parents against driving ten hours at a stretch.

At the reunion:

**Fun Unlimited** (with occasional warnings against driving from Bangalore **Ugh**)

Back Home:

Parents are busy unpacking, putting clothes out for washing, cleaning fish tank, putting back bags in cupboards, taking a fresh copy of checklist for the next trip.

We: ????????????????????????

Generation Gap..!!

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