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Monday, June 7, 2010

Repercussions of a Dental Extraction..

Two days back the local dentist here extracted my wisdom…err …a troublesome wisdom tooth. It was a noisy melodrama with an elaborate gush of fluids, blood and tears. Although blood was manageable by the dentist, it took two nurses to wipe my tears and giggle at my misery. I wished them both the same fate in the days to come. :D . Whats more…hubby was sitting in the same room carefully studying the E72, marking the dental hospital as a ‘favorite’ on his Google map, and conveniently ignoring the sobbing and wailing. And while going back, pointing to the Barber shop and saying ‘that belongs to Barbara Mori’ dint help.:-(

I am the only person in my family to have tooth problems. If anyone who is reading this wants to remind me to brush my teeth, God help you!

 I brush my teeth everyday.:-)

I have a green oral-B toothbrush and colgate toothpaste with which I brush every roads, lanes and sub lanes of my mouth religiously. And I saw the tooth which was extracted. Yuck! The “was-that-thing-in-my-mouth-all-these-days”  look on my face with tears still in my eyes set the dentist and nurses roll with laughter. Hubby too rushed in to take a final glimpse of the priceless piece of fossil which was just evacuated. Okay its yucky. But still it was my tooth and it was there when he married me! Finally he bought me all those medicines and also a nice dinner (to be eaten with one side of the jaw) and I finally decided to withdraw the furious signals I was radiating to him. (Well the furious signals were the ones which originated from jealousy…that he has an enviable row of pearly whites and also… in Muscat there are fewer people to whom I can show my true colors).

Now comes the ‘presentation to everyone at home’ part.
(Aside: Papa is currently reading the English edition of the Holy Book of Quran. )

I explain the whole episode in a nutshell.
Me: Papa, my tooth is still bleeding you know…
Papa: Are you taking medicines?
Me: Yes..but it is bleeding and its slightly swollen as well..
Papa: Don’t worry…one had to be brave and patient …these are all trivial issues..
Me: If you have one such tooth you will never say this..
Papa: Dental health is very important.
Me: I realized that while at the dentist…
Papa: Delayed realization of reality is the main reason for…
Me: Noooooo! Please spare me from philosophy...I have a bleeding mouth.
Papa: (laughs)okay Anu, we’ll talk later then. Take care.(laughs again)

Mummy is up next and she sounds worried at the catastrophic turn of events. The area of concern is surprisingly not my tooth. What?? Is he reading Quran? He should first try to read the Bible properly no?

Now that is one ISD call.


  1. :D :D, me too grinning!! not for the dental clinic episode,, but for ur mom's reaction!!

  2. I have a dentist's appointment tomm..God help me :(

  3. ROFL...n to think i have been postponing a long-pending visit to the dentist 4 so long!! damn...makes me wanna postpone it further!

  4. Praphul : You will soon come to know the after effect of that comment!

    Moonlite: hehe :)

    Shanu: All the best dear !

    Blunt: the more you postpone, the more you will cry!

  5. :D Think of it. It could have been worse. Imagine what would have happened if he had recorded a video (and probably shared it with others) instead of just marking the place as a fav on Google Map ;)

  6. Anup : Ya then he wudnt have teeth at all.

  7. Guess what, I got a green oral B toothbrush urs light green like mine;-D

    And removal of molars is very painful...I got atleast 2 removed till now;-(. And oh yeah I cried buckets too embarrasing everybody around me.

    LOL on the Quran and Bible tarkum;-D

  8. LOL Mine is dark green :D lol lol

    Yes removal of wisdom tooth has got something to do with wisdom. Thats why I also couldnt control my tears.


  9. Andrew :

    Haha... wat a drama queen i say!! and Uncle is reading the Quran? ahaaa.. i would like to interact with him.. waiting to tell mom and see her reaction now about his bro :)

  10. Hey Andrew... my Papa being the moderator of our family groups stands a huge risk now.. he has to probably come up with an explanation as to what led him to read the Quran :D
    I am even ready to pay for the ticket to come down to India ..just to see aunty's reaction. Its sooo worth it see.

  11. Andrew :

    Haha... thats gon be fun.. But i would like to talk to Dear Uncle first. Well basically there is nothing wrong in what he is doing... but am sure Aunty n the rest of the family members will have their own reasons to be surprised :P haha.. this will be fun.. to see uncle on the receiving side.. lol.. :)

  12. Of course nuthing wrong in what he is doin... but may be he has to take up a Bible quiz or something to qualify to read the Mummy says :D
    yes...will be fun to see him on the receiving side.. :D

  13. Hey...Happy Birthday :)..Have a great year ahead... can tell your dad to just learn these two lines if hes coming to Muscat..yes, you know it... "Asalamu..." Madi, adhu madi ;)

  14. Ha ha had a good laugh there.
    Yes we actually postpone dental treatment till it becomes unbearable.
    Luckily for me the wisdom tooth is yet to come.
    (may be it will come when I develop amnesia)

  15. Anup: Thanks!!
    Will tell Papa :D

    Haddock: Mine came late and as soon as it came, it developed a cavity! I cant call it a 'wisdom' tooth anymore :D
    Thanks for the comment ;-)

  16. Why do they call it wisdom tooth in the first place, beats me. It comes with a pain, stays with a pain and leaves with a pain. I have 4 cavities in my teeth (and brush twice a day!), but I dread going to a dentist, so bear the pain!

  17. Correct correct...! Why 'wisdom' tooth!! :D Dont worry its not so painful as it sounds. They give u an anesthesia shot before uprooting it (if that is any consolation ) :-)

  18. Well written......i like both u folks reaction...

  19. Proper oral care isn't just about brushing your teeth twice a day and using mouth wash to have fresh breath, because whether we like it or not, we can still experience dental problems. Like me, I thought that always brushing your teeth is enough to have good oral care, but I was wrong. So I went to a Goose Creek dentist and had my teeth checked. Now I realized that going to a dentist to have it cleaned and maintained is one of the essentials in order for you to have a perfect smile.

    Anyways, thanks for the very informative post!

  20. Timothy: Thanks for the visit, and the comment !
    I meant it to be more of an incident narration and not informative :(

  21. When I had my wisdom teeth out, the only thing that hurt was the needle. It was quick and easy. I guess I got lucky. Get White Teeth

  22. Nice post Anita..! actually all are scare to do tooth extraction. Anyway thanks for sharing your experience here...

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