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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Blue Christmas...

Come December, and the mood of Christmas magically spreads on.

 My native place in Trivandrum gets lit up with stars and other glitzy decorations right from the first week of December. Mistletoes, Christmas wreaths, candles and Santa caps adorn homes and every building around... The songs of Choirs (customized or apparently slaughtered versions of the original ‘Silent Night’) bring glad (!) tidings from home to home. The extensive luxury of a ten day holiday, accomplishes all the ingredients of a wholesome feast -  the intimacy of family, joy of gifts, music of Christmas songs, sanctity of church worship, and above all, the unmatched warmth of togetherness.

Talking about Christmas, I am drawn back to my school days …and December is usually the month for midterm exams, and school Christmas celebrations. I used to be in the school and church choir…yes you read it right, and this was not entirely because I sang tunefully (self-realization). A choir practice session at school does away with two regular classes, which could include a Math class also, and any worry of a pending homework can be merrily sung away to glory …;)

Back home, my Mom would be busy, in the attempt to execute a fun-yet-tiring Christmas schedule, for which she assigns tasks to herself, and everyone else at home. The refrigerator would be filled with butter, eggs and meat. The noise of a food processor and smell of freshly baked cakes fills the house. No one forces my Mom to do any of these activities, but that’s how she has crafted Christmas for herself and for us. She makes delicious chocolate and plum cakes, beef cutlets, fish bake, and other delicacies…and pulls in Papa, to take time out of his busy schedule of reading the newspaper, to go with her to the homes of friends and relatives to distribute those cakes. I should say that my Mom is officially the most awaited Santa in town. I’d be busy too, decorating the Christmas tree and fighting away any reminders or warnings to the fast approaching midterm examinations. The evergreen Christmas songs of Jim Reeves and Boney M would play in the living room, at a decibel we can barely hear.

Visiting grandparents and gifting them goodies is another heartwarming memory. Only one of my grandparents survives today, and her home is silent and untouched by the waves of Christmas, as old age has already taken its toll on her. I dreamt about her yesterday, and in it she was healthy and happily running around the kitchen cooking her mouth watering Christmas lunch for us…her home hustling and bustling with playful kids, guests and lots of laughter…In the morning as I recalled the dream, I couldn’t gulp a heavy breath which resulted from holding back a few sobs.

This Christmas, I am miles away from home, and in a country where Christmas passes off like any other day. Circumstances are that I can’t be home this time around, but the fond thoughts of the soft music, and the warmth of being with family fills my soul…and I linger on those memories with teary eyes.

Click Play.

" You'll be doing alright with your Christmas of white but I'll have a blue blue Christmas...
I'll have a blue Christmas without you...

I'll be so blue thinking about you...
Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree
Won't mean a thing dear if you're not here with me..

And when those blue snowflakes start falling...
That's when those blue heartaches start calling...
You'll be doing alright with your Christmas of white but I'll have a blue blue Christmas..
And when those blue snowflakes start falling... "

                                                    - "Blue Christmas" by Jim Reeves.


  1. . The noise of a food processor and smell of freshly baked cakes fills the house. .. beef cutlet .. ntammo .. njaan de varunnu ..
    hmm .. Even though i am not thousands of miles away ... i missed Onam twice and vishu 3 times in a row ! :'-(

    Good one !

  2. it must be miserable, to miss everyone on such occasions!!
    they miss you too!! :(

    Merry christmas!! hope you enjoy the season!

  3. Enjoy the memories... or maybe create your own ones :)

  4. Thank you for sharing - you captured it well!
    The strong memories and strong relationships you shared, exemplifies well your bond to this holiday. I am sorry that you can not be with your family this season and I see that is a significant loss. I know the one whose birthday you celebrate has not let your tears go unnoticed.
    "You have taken account of my wanderings;
    Put my ears in Your bottle
    Are they not in Your book?
    Ps 56:8 NASB

  5. Hey girl, dont worry.. am sure u'll have a good time too.. this being a special xmas.. awaiting the best gift u'll be getting :)

  6. Moonlite: Yes, it is. Merry Christmas.

    Roshan: Yes, will create new memories this time, and write abt it next year !

  7. Grayquill: "I know the one whose birthday you celebrate has not let your tears go unnoticed".
    What a line ! Thanks for that line, GQ !!!

    Aparnaa: Its special that way ;-)

  8. Merry Christmas baby..cute post :)

  9. Shanu: Merry Christmas dear :(

    Gayathri: Merry Christmas to you too, Gayathri. Have a nice holiday :)

  10. Oh poor u. But still u are with a loved one :)
    Merry Christmas lady :D

  11. I'll have a blue Christmas withoutyou


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