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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Way to Exit...

Hmm..Currently I'm in no mood to write, but I can’t seem to abandon my blog just because a drastic wind of change swept over my life. Well, I resigned my job in Bangalore and have landed in Muscat, in a product based company. (Time to play client now ;-) ). It is high time I shared some details about people in my previous firm who even managed to make exit process complicated for me.

In the beginning of the month of April, I dropped a small bombshell titled ‘resignation’, in the form of an email, which was expected to bombard my team of a few programmers. However it took the guise of a nuclear bomb and smoked out the entire project including the teams who were onsite and I started getting international calls with strange people (whose names I’ve seen only in the ‘Cc’ of emails) asking me soberly why I took this decision all of a sudden, in a fake mushy tone as if their life and living depended solely on the lines of code I was painfully and regretfully writing. Many a times I indirectly I asked them questions which in plain language means ‘Who in God’s name are you?’

The biggest reason behind all the fake concerns flowing in from all over the world is that, if people leave the project, it requires immediate explanation from the project managers to the senior management. So they come down from being the commanding morons that they are to be the forged ‘perfect’ boss and try their level best to pull you down from prospering any further. Well, my case was different. My supervisor was this guy who doesn’t know how to talk to people ( I have seriously come to believe there are a pack of dogs at his house to which he commands ‘Sit’, ‘Eat’ etc and he practices the same tone with people who reports to him). He called me on phone, very impolitely demanding explanation on why I am leaving, to which I was itching up to my toenails to say ‘You are why’.

On the day I was running around departments to get clearances for exit, I was not aware of some formalities and approached him. Well his response was ‘I don’t know, I never exited from here’ coupled with an evil grin. The guy who sat next to him then knew that I was exiting and said , ‘Ohh you decided to resign, is it? Then we can’t help you’. This happened with a bay of people watching as if they were watching a saas bahu serial with the bahu getting beaten up.

However I managed to vent out my frustration at the innocent HR who during her fateful duty called me for an exit interview and I talked 40 minutes nonstop. I am sure she must also be thinking of ways to quit or opt for a role change now. Well that was the least I could do. :D

And yeah, on my last working day, the last person I pinged from my desktop was my supervisor, to whom I wanted to say Bubye. I really don’t know why. Just a bubye, and no ‘thanks for support’,’or thanks for anything else which he wasn’t …and this is how the conversation went.

Me: Hi

Supervisor: What do you want now? For exit formalities contact Mr.JP.

Me: Okay.

And that was it. Well, we can’t change some people or expect even humanitarian traits from them.
 I have no regrets.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The weekend trip that was..

Green picturesque hills, stunning meadows, spectacular streams and everything that is romantic. However the guys were more interested in capturing butterflies, frogs and flies when my friend and I wasted our strawberry lip balmy smiles and blow dried hair staring at them.

Yo and there is a big rock. The perfect place to pose for a couple snap. With a lot of effort I climbed up the rock and waited for him. Then he came and stood next to me. I pulled him, and tried to lean on him.
‘No! Move out of my reebok logo!’
Oh so there was a logo on the shirt.

So I decided to pose alone, near the car.
And.. ‘Move away from the alloy wheels’!

So he is going alone for the next trip.

And that was my 50th post :-)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Online B'day bumps!!!

My sister's b'day falls tomorrow, May 5th. Well she thinks that I am trying to compose a poem of praise for her. So here is my little bday present ;-)

Whoever visited my blog till date knows my Papa and Mummy too well.
Now its time to torment my readers again, as I introduce you to the world’s cutest little weirdo, My Sister.
She is biologically my elder sister, but psychologically, NOT. I will not be discussing weird stuff about her here, cos if I do,  she will unleash a beast capable enough to destroy my will to live.

Just discussing few normal things about her.

She has the weirdest taste in men. Look around and find a random weirdly dressed and insignificant guy. Thats her type.

She is a fan of Chennai Super Kings and spent more time in the toilet than in front of the TV during IPL finals. When they won, she threw a party and treat to her friends and blew up the salary for the month of April. Well I doubt whether the Super Kings themselves ever did that.

She says she had a blackout ten minutes on the day of All Kerala Engineering Entrance examination. ( She is a victim of hyper tension with customized symptoms)

My cousin once stuck a sewing needle in her finger and had to rush to hospital. My sister accompanied her trying hard not to look at it. At the hospital, she accidentally saw it and fainted. There were more people gathered around her than my cousin whose operation got delayed cos someone ‘stole her thunder’ :D

She can solve the toughest of Math and Physics equations, but cannot get herself to draw a diagram. Convincing Mummy to draw diagrams in her Biology Record book the previous day of submission always created havoc at home.(She cannot draw straight lines, even with a scale and pencil, but can draw resistors with them).

She has to use the toilet  every 5 minutes on each and every day she has ever written an examination.

Her wardrobe constitutes dresses, all of the same design, in variations of orange or maroon.
( But I can trust her more for honest opinions, than looking at the mirror myself).

Most of her close friends are  at least ten years younger than her.

If she doesn’t like Ms.X, she calls her the most cunning and wicked person she’s ever seen. When she meets Ms.Y and realizes that she is cunning too, she starts to be all praises for Ms.X.

She hates all animals..birds too..or let me put it this way..she hates anything that’s not human. But of course, loves eating them.

When I told her on a long distance call that I cut my finger while chopping vegetables, and added that a little 'blood' came, she felt giddy and wanted to sit down.

So that makes her one in a million :D
Yes she is, and thats my sister ...
   Happy Birthday...and many more happy returns of the day !! 

(Please don't kill me..)

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