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Monday, November 9, 2009

Top ten husband myths.

Here are a few husband / boyfriend / prospective groom myths. I hope any girl reading this would agree with me, and any broad minded guy would admit/laugh/nod/ at it.  Here is to you, guys :)

Myth1: If a woman overtakes him on the road, then it is a potential threat to masculinity.

Myth2: To stay in her house for more than a day would mean that he is henpecked.

(‘Sorry Mom, we will come again for Christmas..this time we really have to go back as my dog is not well and it has to be taken to the Vet’)

Myth3: That making comparison of her cooking to that of his Mom’s would help her love his Mom even more.

“You know… my Mom makes fish curry like….’ AAARGH! ( That dialogue nullifies appettite. Cooking is not in the picture anymore. Sure everyone knows what kind of comments those statements invite)

Myth4: Washed, sun dried crisp clothes will be in the wardrobe whether she is here or not. The biggest myth of all times.

Myth5: Apparel shopping is more boring than being in the science section of the British Library.

‘Please go with your friends. I am not well’

Myth6: Hrithik is not all that sexy. He is just ‘okay’.

‘Oh whats there to admire about..he is tall..and dances well…that’s it’ (Very very typical)

Myth7: We can always get a fresh pair of socks, even if one of it was put to laundry and the other is still inside the shoe.

Myth8: Her dad is not all that smart.

Myth9: My mother never talks like that! Women really cook up stuff.

Myth10: Gossiping? Thats what women do!

( Do yo guys really discuss about Mamta Banerjee and Sonia Gandhi at smoking zones?)


  1. Anita...

    that sounds funny.....

    Well ,only Funny ...

    Kind of facts eah ...

  2. Thanks for Myth3..I'll refrain from making that statement.. Udane thanne avishem verum :-)

  3. lol...berry berry phunny that! ;)

    but i guess myth6 doesn't apply 2 me...hrithik is awesome!!!

  4. @Shyam: Funny, but true to the core!
    @Anup: Dont say it..dont even think about it..! hi hi..:)
    @Blunt Edges: Yes Hrithik is awesome.. but u will prob start hating him when your girlfriend says the same about him :D

  5. lol...laughed my heart out..and i want all men to read this!!!

  6. hahahhahahal.... des are myths now eh.?! lol... had a nice lil laugh... Full on Anita!

  7. nice one....i'm gonna ask a certain someone to check this out and explode/expel all the myths...:D

  8. @ Ajay: Danku! yeah they are still myths..over the generations!

    @Devi: :-) ANother fact is that men never wake up to these myths, and realize that they are myths!

  9. Those are pretty good I only tried using Myth #3 once i came to a new understanding quickly.
    Here are a few other myths that might help you out
    #11) Your man will always ask for directions when lost.
    #12) If it is broke your man will always ask for help and never try to fix something he knows nothing about.
    #13) Your man will always read the directions fully before attempting to assemble a new purchase.
    #14) Your man will always plan ahead for your birthday.
    #15) Your man will always be attentive to you if he really loves you.
    #16) Because your man's love runs so deep he will automatically know what your needs are. Therefore you will never have to tell him what you desire or need.
    #17) Your man will take care of you when you are sick
    #18) Your man will always be understanding whenever you need understanding simply because his un-abiding love is so pure.
    #19) Your man will change when you ask him to.
    *20) You man will always choose to spend time with you rather than go hang out with his buddies.
    I have plenty more but thought just maybe a few more could build up you arsenal.

  10. ha ha. well said anita. : ) i'm sending it to it a lot of guys i know.

  11. Grayquill..that is a blog post in itself! and I agree with you :-) You guys are cute too :-)(at times) :D

  12. LOL!!! I totally agree.. though I have a few more to add on my own.. I was abt to say something, which Grayquill has said..another threat to their masculinity is asking for directions while driving!!! And my hubby thinks orkut birthday reminders on home page is the greatest thing ever invented by anyone..that way he 'REMEMBERED' my bday without me having to remind him!!! Of course he forgot the previous day and finally had to log in to orkut to be REMINDED again.. which resulted in me going n collecting my bday cake myself.. and of course grumpily!!! Husbands!!! SIGH!

  13. hahaha..! LOL ...ya shudve added that point too...! Thanks dee...!

  14. What? What? you think I used to much comment space? I couldn't resist - it's your fault for choosing subject.

  15. Nooo...its a lovely comment Grayquill...! I always look forward to your comment..!

  16. Good post...really appreciated the myths especially the one that about the socks..:-)

  17. Nodding my head left to right!( Check with a british, what exactly Indians do when they have to say YES.....This is what they do)

    Married Man for over a decade.

    Thanks for the dose of laughter girl.Have a nice day

  18. Yeah! yeah! I buy some of the points not all! :P


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