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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things Men should know!

Well, those who hate girl talk, please position your cursor on the top right corner of the page, and click!! This is all about girls. Now what makes me write this, is yeaaaars of eggsperienceee….
12 years in Holy Angels’ Convent, 4 years in a college which was supposedly mixed, but as good as a ladies college, makes it 16 years of solidarity with girls…this is probably experience enough to jot down a few words on this.. Ladies hostel is sure fun enough without cigarettes and beer bottles. Now if you guys think that we are always having discussions about you there, you are sadly, and badly mistaken. We do discuss about you, and address you using nicknames only. Sure you nickname us and scream it at the top of your lungs at public bus stops, canteens and on the roads for everyone to hear. We appreciate your guts. Nicknames we use still remains secret.
However, we girls have noticed some common traits among you guys..You’d probably be a father/brother/boyfriend/husband to someone.. and I guess this write-up would make you understand some things which we wish you’d known!

•When we are on the phone, talking to our friends, we are not essentially gossiping. But if we are gossiping, please don’t disturb!

•We do not take a lot of time to get dressed. We do take time to choose what to wear. Deal with it, and there hasn’t been a solution to this over the ages.

•Wooden thick bangles that we wear these days, are in fashion. They ARE NOT hand cuffs..please..! for God’s sake!

•‘Patiala’ is pleated pants, loose and colorful. They are another ‘IN’ thing. They ARE NOT what the clowns wear at the circus.

•We, sometimes, feel that you love your bikes more than us. Wish it was not true.

•99% of us do not like gold jewellery. We prefer wooden and metal ones available at the streets. They are NOT the crockery you saw in the kitchen or the windchime that you saw in our rooms.

•During get-togethers, do not silence us , indulging in detailed discussions about car stereos, alloy wheels,woofer, sub woofer, spoiler and…*snore*..

•Shilpa shetty is hot, isn’t she? So is John Abraham!

•Please do not gift us with apparels of your choice. They will be received with a smile and will be dumped to the darkest corner of the wardrobe in no time. Let us choose!

•Your Mom is the coolest. Our Dads are. Compromise.

•Waste baskets, are to put in waste. Waste is essentially, things we do not use any more. Waste has to go to the waste basket. Please avoid cupboards/drawers/shoes, store room, space under the bed etc to throw them.

•Making faces at Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan does not make them less sexy.

•We talk, discuss. Everything. YES!!

•Don’t threaten us saying that you will inform our dads!! Our dads are the closest to our hearts, and they love us like hell! Dont make a clown of yourself telling them!

•We are all not feminists. We do know since childhood that the Lion is the King of the jungle and not the lioness. * Aside:* Lets forget for the time being..that the Lion does nothing but sleep, yawn, roar and eat in its den all the time.*end aside*
Long live the Lion King !!!

•We carry hand bags, still manage a tissue, mobile phone, money, umbrella and other items on both our hands. Don’t ask us whats there inside the handbag then. Hand bags are accessories!

•We do not find GPS, PDA phones, digital cameras and their ever so complicated specifications, laptops and other gadgets interesting enough to spend the entire evening in electronic stores ,that finally they have to request us to leave so that they may go home.

•We squeal and shriek at the sight of cockroaches/ spiders / grasshoppers / lizards / bats / dogs. This is not a FUSS. We weren’t essentially pampered at home to do such a thing. This is a spontaneous reaction and guess you would have to dwell with it. Well, how do you guys live with these horrendous creatures in perfect harmony?

•We become kids when we’re with school friends. We turn houses upside down. We laugh and shriek at the top of our lungs. It’s just our way of enjoying a brief camaraderie.

Thinking of more points… there are trillions of things guys…which you need to know..! I know this wont help you understand even a drop out of the ocean … there are things which no one dares to understand, some things which no one bothers to understand… some which everyone knows but act as if they dint understand… its those teeny weeny understandings and misunderstandings which sums up life in all its brilliance and assortments.. ..End of the day, life is beautiful.


  1. Hahaha that was indeed interesting Anu! Well written. Hope it serves as an eye opener for guys! Oh when will they ever understand! A small reminder for guys who are out there reading this:these are true facts and we gals support it. So better learn these facts up!

  2. Really it was an eye opener! and accept the facts! Not all have the same attitude!

  3. @Pooja : Ya Pooj...I knew you could also relate to all this :) Thanks again for goin thru ..
    @The Patriot : feels good to know that you accept the facts...Thank You ..!!

  4. Luved this! Am sending this right-away to all my guy-frnds :D

  5. Good one. No wonder more and more men prefer to be gay :)

  6. ah! it's an HAC girl!!!! :)
    glad to meet you, I say!

  7. @ Usha: Yup HAC-ISC..Glad to meet you tooo!

  8. Hehe...very well said!!the girls are proud of u... :)

  9. hahha very well said Anita :)


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