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Monday, December 14, 2009

Free Time Blabbering :-)

I realized that pimples on the nose are never going to be in fashion, so I have to get rid of them. Also, my floaters are so pathetically damaged that people have started sympathizing with me. The outer panel of my mobile seems to say, ‘ On your mark, get set …’ and I have no idea when the ‘go’ will happen. My purse is hidesign all right, but it doesn’t close properly.I cant afford to badmouth my insanely expensive teeny weeny purse. My umbrella is electric blue and everyone turns to see the ‘joker’ who holds it into the reception. But I got it as a compliment from my previous firm, and let people of this firm stare as much as they want. I know they aren’t staring admiringly…so what?

Hmm..yes my project just got over, and I am now in a comfort zone until I am locked into another project. You know, people in IT tend to sophisticate and complicate things and they call my current state ‘Inter project Talent Pool’ , and some others call it ‘Bench’. But end of the day, it is nothing but a comfort zone. I am getting interview calls, and am almost locked into one, but it starts only in Jan. So till then, its flexi timings for me, you see. My rules. And that’s exactly why I have let my hair down, eased myself out, and inspecting my appearance in general. Well before going home this weekend I need to cut the nails on my right hand in such a way that it doesn’t dare to reach the size visible to the naked eye. I almost cut my finger to achieve that, or Papa and Mummy are going to freak out (once they said that I need to cut nails neatly when I am with them, and do whatever I want after marriage. Well, that seems to be a false promise). My left hand nails are weapons, (next to tears of course), and I use them as and when required. Haven’t you heard of fairy tale witches who have all their power in their hair, broom or wherever…yeah it is something like that. Well I used them back in school too, when our Principal issued Policy Number: n(n+1) , which states that one should not grow nails, and not even dream about nail polishes. So the next day I wore a navy blue nail polish, which helped me take a tour of the Principal’s room, effectively missing the first hour Maths class, for which I hadn’t done the homework.

That’s a weird lot about nails. I wear my wedding ring and my grandmother’s ring on my left hand which I do not intend to remove… although my husband finds it strange why people have to be reminded of their spouses’ names all the time. Its like..while filling out a form, comes a column ‘Spouse Name’..’oh what was her name? Oh ya..its in my ring..let me see’…what bullshit. That’s the exact quote from my husband. Well if we tell him to buy Christmas tree and star, he says, ‘ Baby Jesus needs to be born in our hearts’. So you can ignore what he said about the wedding ring. Even then, I wear my wedding ring all the time.

I am currently on a mission to find my black dress which disappeared a week ago. I searched for it the entire house, which included his wardrobe..and all other shelves. The search was unsuccessful, but I found certain other long lost items.

1. Woolen socks ( I missed it, as I was wearing his socks when it gets cold at night)

2. Hair band – I’d forgotten about this one, but how it ended up in his wardrobe is sheer amusement.

3. A set of safety pins – Oh dear God these are always in demand!

4. Pillow case- This was part of a guest bedsheet set. Dint know that I lost it anyway.

So, the black dress …is the big question. Probably I will find it when I search for something else.

But now the worry is that my Christmas tree is not fluffy enough. I have to buy more decorative items. My husband says that it is perfectly fine and he thinks about the tree all the time…( for the fear of losing more currencies at the fancy store ). I am sure he dint notice the tree at all, but he sure did take some snaps of me setting it up and decorating it. I have to immediately hit the fancy store and get more decorations, you see. Its high time.

And who is this creepy moron who painted blue colour on all letters of my office keyboard? At least I write this nonsense when I am free. I do not color other people’s keyboards. But when I get bored at home I do stick some stickers on his cupboard, bag, purse and whichever falls to my line of control (my line of control is the entire house). He says that when we move out from this apartment, the owner is going to cut hugely from the advance we gave him, for damaging paint on cupboards. Why would someone do that? Anyway what is stuck is stuck. Don’t stick anymore. (Put is put, no more put)

And if anyone is reading this exhaustive blabbering and has reached here, congratulations!

Please pray that I get into some project soon…I cant seem to stop!.


  1. Good one.. I really hope u alwys have free time..!!! U were right about the case I forget to cut my nails when I go home, and remember it on the way, I bite it off in the train itself.. thats how I got my nail biting habit U'knw!!! Waiting to see your Xmas tree.. post pics on FB.. Merry Xmas in advance to you and all your readers...!

  2. hee hee hee ya dee nails are a big issue with our parents na? hmmm... Merry Christmas !!

  3. oh how i wish i was on bench!

    exhaustive but entertaining blabbering that :D

  4. Sorry i just prayed otherwise...Atleast because of the comfort zones of people like you we are getting something nice to read. Hi Hi Hi.Just kidding. Anyways it was a nice read.Merry christmas in advance....Keep posting
    Actually when i saw the word congratulations!(last lines in this blog),i thought for a moment you are actually going to declare some gift.These days my mailbox is filled up with mails saying... "Congratulations! you've just won....."

  5. @blunt edges: Thanks! he he its cool to be in bench...!
    @Asif Shaik: Ya stuff like that fill my inbox too... and soon am gonna stuff my blog with more nonsense!!
    Merry Christmas :)

  6. Are u searching for the black one which needs to be worn on 31st eve? You better find it out faast!To be honest some of ur colleagues are pretty irritating!Painting blue on the key board is unpardonable!they should be made to kneel down!!

  7. yed di..they shud kneel down..hmm
    and black dress,,,u're right..the one i was planning for 31st,,,i have to hit cosmos mall soon.

  8. hehehe.. amusing. benched or on the floor, keep writing. new on your blog, but surely gonna keep a tab on your writing and will be a regular reader too..

    Merry Christmas. may you find your black dress and a perfect project to be in too..

  9. :D thanks a ton, Meenakshi.
    Merry Christmas to u too.


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