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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes :-D

Reflections has tagged me with ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’.
This tag is to list at least ten things I’ve wanted or done, which my gender is not supposed to. Sounds like a catchy tag…and Nancy has done it interestingly well!
 So here goes a humble attempt.

I wanted to start with an oath ...the one which they say at court…just to make this funny, but all I can think of is ‘India is my country, all Indians..”  so I’d better stop over doing these futile attempts at being humorous and get practical.

1.       As a teenager I used to be protective of my elder sister. I thought of her as a little girl ( and myself as a brother brat) and even man handled a typical ‘pervert kumaran’ in a private bus, using my school bag when he tried to lean on her.

2.       As a kid, I preferred to climb the wall at the back of my house to the neighborhood than take the regular route. Until last month at Bangalore, I climbed the gate of my apartment a few times after my shift.  I was too sweet to not disturb owner uncle, and pitied hubby for having cowardly friends who said that it is ‘dangerous’ and ‘risky’. ( That guy told him  that my leg might get stuck in the gate… he must’ve thought of me as an elephant or something)

3.       When my mom disgustingly says that I became a female in the minute just before birth, I took credit and nodded as if she is complimenting me.

4.       The first week of every month, Papa would go to the provision store and buy stuff for a whole month. This would consist of sacks of rice, coconuts and other heavy stuff. I have never missed this trip and would act like a male helper in carrying all the heavy stuff voluntarily. (even though sometimes I’d be biting my jaw in pain internally)

5.       I hate the color ‘Pink’ and secretly love ‘Blue’ even though I tell everyone that my favorite is Black. There are no pink, white, yellow dresses in my wardrobe. Instead there are black, navy blue and gray. I also prefer square checks and lines against floral designs.

6.       I love to drive in heavy traffic and follow my own road rules when people refuse to move out of the road seeing the female driver. If they are also driving I honk annoyingly until he moves out (like we do when there are cows/dogs in the middle of the road: D)   and if they are pedestrians I give them small pats on the shoulder with the rear view mirror. I then stop, stare and flee before they raise the finger.

7.       I hate TV soaps and Ranbir Kapoor. I cannot stand men who have pink lips and no moustache (although I know all girls fall for this category of feminine dudes).

8.       I am very friendly with sales guys/gals at the local grocery, fuel stations, roadside vegetable markets, pizza delivery, and the like.

9.       I think of saree as the most inconvenient attire ever. Also, I do not fancy nor have I felt the urge to check out the creams/lotions/mascara/ complexion compact/ perfume section of any store.

10.   I used to pay the phone/electricity/water bills at their respective offices, waiting in long queues. But I couldn’t make a single cup of tea without checking for sugar, like seventeen times after which half a cup of cold tea would be ready.

Phew! Just pondered over a reel of memories, dug into it and popped up ten points which I think might match the tag…

Hmm…so let me make myself a cup of tea. :D


  1. I too find guys with pink lips and no moushtache teeny bit effiminate....I mean pink lips for God sakes;-D but Ranbhir Kapoor is excluded....well he's cute & dont forget he can act;-D

    LOL at ur mom's perspective;-D
    My mom used to go like 'If girls are like this, thank god I dont have boys'*shudder, shudder*

    Friendly with the locals is sooo me too...infact I'll know their entire history & am always counting my blessings after listening to them;-P

    Enjoyed reading ur take on the topic and Thanks for taking up the tag;-))!!!!

  2. I did this just because you tagged me :-)
    yeah I made my Mom realize that its better to have girls!
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. hehe good one...reminds me of how i climbed ur gate one night ...hope u remember :)
    Wish my apartment gates wer low enough for me to jump :(

  4. LOL @ the elephant wala line :)

    Yea, pink lips are a turn off but I dnt like guys with moushtaches :P

    This was a fun tag..I am glad to see I aint the only tomboy in bloggerville :)

  5. nice one :)

    I think of saree as the most inconvenient attire ever. Also, I do not fancy nor have I felt the urge to check out the creams/lotions/mascara/ complexion compact/ perfume section of any store.

    I am jst lke u on this front :)

  6. oh so u are behind the wheel in the automobile that blares the horn like crazy even at signals! :P

    n err...the non-moustached blunt kinda feels a bit odd commenting on this post! :|

  7. He he .. good one .. i liked that jumping gate part :-)

    hmmm .. meesha vadikkanda alle .. vere sinners um kaanum

  8. 1. lovely :D
    2. bingo, me too loved to do so :), liked the elephant line!! ;)
    3. ;)
    4. ohoo,, you must built muscles after all those weight lifting :D
    5. boyish :D
    6. oh, that is you :( :P
    7. oh, so so same, i hate soaps n Ranbir kapoor,, not coz of the reasons u mentioned though :D
    8. same to same.. likies
    9. oh, for me, sarees are the most beautiful attire, but not meant for regular ;)
    10. oh!!

  9. hahaha... I used to climb gates too

  10. Vinee: Of course! How can I forget that!

    Shanu: Yayy! We'r tomboy blogger gals!

    Gayathri: hehe :) Same Pinch!

    Blunt:I dont honk at signals :D
    hahahahha LOL on the non moustache part ..

    Praful: Yes U wish for that :D

    Moonlite: Hehehe thanks for all the ten comments!

    Harini : cool!

  11. Guys with no mustaches??? Why??? I thought you were my soul sister till I read that! :| Oh! And I am in love with Ranbir I think! :p

    Good going with doing a very common tag very differently though :)

  12. hahaha I know! Somehow guys without mustache really dont register in my head! May be an unforgivable mallu concept which crept into my choice of men!

    Ranbir? Really? He is a male version of his mom neetu singh..who looks more beautiful than her son anyway :D

    Hmm...yea quite a common tag..but could relate to it and thot I'll never run out of points in this one :D Thanks for ur comment, choco!

  13. hehe.. loved it.. damn. I too have to get going on this one !! I was tagged too

  14. I hope your husband has a mustache :o
    Fun Post. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I feel like I know you a little bit better. Was that you honking at me yesterday and the day before? Oh yeah, and the day before that? Hmmm maybe it was your twin sister. Please tell her to stop waving at me with her middle finger.

  15. Can a guy without a moustache comment?

    I always get out of the way for a female rider. Always. Who wants to risk his life anyway??

  16. Dr. Roshan: Waiting 2 read ur take on this ! It is going 2 be rockin hilarious :D

    Grayquill: Hehe he has a mustache. :D
    And the finger waver was not me hihihi

    Mangomanbunty: Sure u can comment !
    Thats a funny one.. and I asked for laughing now.. :)

  17. Climbin de gate ws de best part and may de tomboy avatar of u be dere through out your life.As always, ur thoughts, they rock :)

  18. Lakshman: Me want 2 be tomboy forever! Thanks a ton, Lakshman!

  19. hiii

    interesting! I agree with u on points 7,8 and 9 :)

  20. u know there is a saying in Malayalam.. 'meesha ilyenge aan alla' haha :D
    But i dnt like men with moustache and beard.. Prithviraj was an exception in Nandanam thou.. :P

    I loved reading this tag.. u must have enjoyed doing it too na.. Introspecting and going deep down memory lane.. :)

    The stupid me was juz wondering if any guy has done this tag.. Gals being tomboyish is so normal but guys being feminine.. hahaha.. juz cant cntrl my laugh.. :D

  21. AS: Thank you :)

    Sangitha: yes..yes.. i know many women dont like.. but i do :D
    Yes I totally enjoyed doing this... although felt a bit relieved when it got over:)
    Yeah but one guy here, Dr. Roshan (who has commented above) , has done the tag...! It was good too...check out the male version too!
    Thanks for dropping a comment..

  22. yay!! i hate pink too!!! no, i like ranbir. the post was an awesome read, but the tag sorta confused me.

    thanx for following and commenting!!

  23. U r always welcome.. I loved ur blog :) Thanks for ur comment as well.


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