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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Living the Sun's wrath.

Sorry for the long gap. I was at God’s own country over the week and couldn't blog due to lack of time and electricity. The week was mostly spent on taking baths and wiping sweat off our foreheads. Here are a few excerpts from my week long trip.

Cochin was like an oven, and we were all like pieces of chicken marinated in sweat waiting to be grilled. And it doesn't grill and finish us off. The pessimistic summer believes in the concept of slow death, wherein one is bestowed with the luxury of waking up and going to bed completely sweating like a pig, no matter how many baths one takes in between. And this, I am talking about a place few kilometers away from the city or the main road, in a compound with ample trees and greenery.  And to add to it I was exceptionally blessed enough to attend a function in the city, made to wear saree, in a hall where the air conditioner did not work as expected. By the end of the function, the heat had almost deprived me of all the water I ever had in my body and reached a stage where I was unsure of my existence.

I am writing all this, from the Middle East. When I landed here few years ago, I thought I was condemned to death just by the heat. Honestly, as compared to Kerala, Middle East is a paradise.

Another incident worth mentioning was my visit to the Lulu Mall at Cochin. The much hyped mall is said to be one of the biggest in India, and shopping was considered very economic. And people turned up in such huge numbers, that if you believe in the theory that there are seven people like you in the world, you could easily find them there.The mall became nothing short of a gas chamber. The centralized air conditioners had resigned themselves to their fate.Adolf Hitler would have considered this as a cheap method of mass slaughter. We regretted driving into this mall and got out of there by walk, later in a bus and an auto rickshaw to visit other places in the city, because driving in the city is a distant dream. Or if we had to get the car out of the mall it is likely that we'd have grown old by the time we reached home.

And another fateful day, I entered the bathroom to take a shower, when a spider decided to climb up my arm. I shrieked and shook my hand aggressively only to land that aggression on the nearest tap and bruised my wrist. The pain did persist for a few days. Guess who had the last laugh? The spider. Mothers of toddlers, please check your bathrooms for any spiders or other deadly animals before you lock yourselves in. Carrying or controlling a toddler with a bruised wrist in the scorching heat is not fun.

In short the trip was nothing short of sheer awesomeness. ;-)


  1. I'm thinking of cheek kebabs imagining me to be Hannibal Lecter.

    Hope you're doing well now.

    Joy always,

  2. :D I really do feel sorry for you but I couldn't help laughing out loud at the way you have narrated this!

  3. Well I can write a daily log on how the heat and the power cuts are condemning us to slow death. We thought we'll get used to it but that is not happening. The big dark clouds take a our across the sky without really bothering to stop, teasing us. Sad days.

  4. I remember May 2011 when I last came to visit and was greeted with a full day of powercut and scorching sweaty heat on arrival.. Looks like it is still the same..

  5. NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII....U libel against my LULU MALLL!!!!!!YES I do agree it is a gas chamber...but it is our own Lullu in own own Kochi and belong to us Mallus. Ok I have lost it but you get the feel.
    I rofled through this post

  6. The heat is killing. Having said that, dry heat is more tolerable than humidity. I simply cannot stand sweat. It makes me irritable, and a gentleman like me turns into the incredible hulk (sans the color) in a matter of seconds.

    Thank god I wasnt living in ancient times. Long live ACs.


    Do visit mine

    1. Yeah long live ACs. But it seems India has not yet woken up to the concept of AC yet in many places !

  7. Kerala has become very very hot this year.. I was there in April and we cannot live without a fan there (AC's too).. Add to that the constant load shedding every day and we will be fried to death! They say its because Kerala's source is Hydro-electricity and there's no water!

    PS: Hitting the tap hurts! Personal experience too :D

    1. hahaha I never thought about tap as a potential source of danger until this incident. Same pinch to you on that :D


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