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Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Archimedes incident :)

I had already blown my trumpet loud enough about my parents visiting me. Well, I have now safely landed as the hot air of excitement has blown off after they both left, and now I am here at my desk wondering what to write.

Papa had been around for two and Mummy for three weeks. She cooked my favorite meals and I gained appetite and loads of weight too! Why? I am allowed to. When parents are away for a few months and they come to visit, who watches calories anyway. To eat whatever comes your way becomes the order of the day and the better half also indulges happily, as the one who usually rolls eyes at him and blows undesirable signals has no time now! So it was the time to be happy and merry. Luckily they came at the best time of the year…Papa is likely to come again in May, and I can’t wait to see his reaction when he realizes that the summer which tries its best to touch a fifty degrees here will give him enough burns than a normal cigarette does.

This time around, it was total fun, and one night he put two ice cubes into his glass and poured water, which filled the entire glass, up to the rim. It was clear that he cant lift the glass without spilling. Mummy, who adjusted her glasses firmly on her upper nose, in her usual professor mode, was silently, but curiously watching the interesting turn of events. And then she said…”when the ice cubes melt, it is going to overflow, so watch it”

Suddenly, I was enlightened. By a Physics theory.  Seriously. I don’t know why, for what, and HOW it happened. But I was reminded of the Archimedes Principle. People who know me from school and are reading this will find it difficult to believe, I know. But I cant help but say this.. kindly refrain from laughing and read on.

And I said… “Mummy if you don’t mind can I correct you for something you just said?”

“Sure Anu, why not…what happened? “

“Actually, the ice cubes themselves has displaced some fluid upwards, because of its mass…so when it melts the level of water will not increase further”

Mummy, surprised by my knowledge exclaims “ Oh!”

“It is called Archimedes Principle, Mummy….. this guy Archimedes discovered it as he immersed himself in a tub of water …din't finish his bath and ran shouting eureka! You've heard about that na?”

The surprise and curiosity increased on Mummy’s face. She looked at me with a deep feeling, that I knew something, after all. (Meanwhile Papa and the better half have their jaws dropped and are in a state of temporary shock for which I cannot blame them)

Then I continued “ Mummy…when you said about the ice cubes, I just got reminded of this, and told you.. don’t think I am trying to be smart”

Mummy hugged me and said…” I am feeling so proud of you and so excited to learn this “ and a few kisses.
 I have no words to express how it felt when my mother said she was proud of me..

Mummy is a post graduate in Botany and is working at a renowned college. So her stream of thought goes with Plant species, Classes and Subclasses, which people like us would take ages to learn, but  she was so keen to know a new concept, which she actually doesn't have to bother about !

I am reminded of similar situations when Papa or Mummy talks about something I don’t know, and they ask me whether I’ve heard about it...I am often insulted and pretend to know it!

Well, there are things which Physics doesn't see.


  1. hmm .. kewl :-) loved it ...

    I hardly get chance to ACT SMART at home .. :-/

  2. Learning Physics from an occasional drink? Then why not learn more Physics every day, if such situations help !!!! Ha Ha :) Good writing indeed.

  3. Praful: :-) well...I was not acting smart!!!!

    Papa: Aaahaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh! I nevr had a chance to act smart at home. I dont even remember knowing anything which they dint already know! Hmm... maybe I should go thru my Physics books again!

  5. OMG! You actually that smart?? Like really?? :o

  6. Earlier i used to be the 'Dude' at home when something digital was talked about.. Lately dad has been spending more time in the net and last time when i thought of gettin a new phone he suggested me sites to check out!!!!

  7. Anjuchechi: Haha...but talking Physics when Papa was around was risky !

    Blunt: Yes ! :D

    Rohan: Same here, buddy. Both my parents are on facebook also! :D

  8. I see Mr Blunt Edges has not changed his ways. Good Post! It was fun to hear the interactions with your family. Thanks for sharing.

  9. GQ: Blunt is always the same ! lol !

    Thanks GQ.

  10. Yeah...It applies when we are having our drinks.
    Parties depend on this primary principle.

    Long live Physics

    ps:Stumbled across your blog

  11. Sorcerer: Yes ! applies 2 parties ! lol
    Thanks for stumbling across my blog !

  12. "I am reminded of similar situations when Papa or Mummy talks about something I don’t know, and they ask me whether I’ve heard about it...I am often insulted and pretend to know it! " -- so true! It's unbelievable how you can pick up a random casual event and package that into a thought provoking post. Awesome!
    A li'l too late, but belated Christmas, New Year and Anniversary wishes :)

  13. Thank u so much DJ ! Read your comment many times and felt good ! And happy New Year 2 u too !!!


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