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Monday, January 31, 2011

Rodent-o-phobia !

We all develop notions in our heads, or sometimes wrong impressions about people, places or anything that come our way. Some of them change with time, maturity or an experience which proves otherwise. But some stays on until a spouse gets irritated and chooses to sleep on the couch.

A few weeks back, as I was enjoying an afternoon nap on a lazy weekend, hubby opened the main door of our apartment for some reason. And it happened. The drawback of being on the ground floor of a building – a mouse sped inside and hid behind the shoe rack. It sat there staring at him, helpless, but smartly planning the next course of action. Hubby cleverly closed the kitchen and living room doors and blocked other ways through which the rodent can get inside, and left the main door open. The mouse was check mated and kept staring at him for some more time (silently appreciating the intelligent homo sapien), and fled out. However, the incident was forgotten or purposely neglected by the better half...and I slept away to glory.

Two days later, during a usual small talk the mouse incident spilled out and this scared the guts out of me. “That means there are other mice in the house !” He knew where I was going with that and efficiently changed the topic, but the fact that I have to co-exist with mice was strongly registered in my head.

The next day onwards I started inspecting the area where the mouse hid and kept a watch on that area whenever I crossed it.

At midnight I woke up in horror saying that there is a mouse on the bed and that it touched my toes.

Any small sound, be it from the building behind ours which is under construction, or the random swaying curtains, was concluded to be the work of a gang of mice.

Another night one of the pillows fell off the bed, which was later creatively interpreted that, the pillow actually fell on a mouse, and that I heard a squeal from under the pillow. The pillow was washed and sun dried.

The better half swore to God, that any rodents/reptiles/mammals/dinosaurs, if sighted, will not be disclosed to me.

Psst..that means….there are other rodents in the house. Now that I know he wont tell me, I have to be constantly on the lookout !


  1. He he he he .., loved it :)

    Beware .. I'm sure many are hiding there in ur bedroom .. u've lost ur privacy ;-) !!!

  2. LOL!!! I have the same experience too.. I once let a rat in by mistake.. but dint tell anyone that I did cos I would be blamed for not taking out the trash on time! :) But ever since, I have lived in constant fear of sighting it inside the house in unexpected places! Even though it has made me paranoid, I am always alert, n so I am sure I will be able to sniff out rats or even burglars even in my deepest sleep!! (wait.. did I hear something below my chair?? :O )

  3. DO you have a cooking range..Better check its underneath...We once caught a small mouse that way..we used to hear small sound under the cooking range and would think it was a cockroah or lizard...but when we kept the mouse trap we got the culprit!!!

  4. ah!! i share the same phobia!! :(
    except T&J cartoon, never liked that species at all....

  5. Rodents are such a menace. Though I am not scared of them,but yeah they never fail to worry me.
    Beware for it's highly likely there are more of them around ;)
    Take care!!!

  6. lol.. i cud very well imagine the expression on Abus face as he said that dialogue and so can also imagine how ur still on the look out .. wont be surprised if u even doubt that there is a dinosaur hiding behind the curtain!!! lol

  7. Anu, I hope u have seen Ratatouille movie! They are nice creatures and never to be feared!!! If u still cant get rid of the phobia... i have another idea.. I think u should look at having a giant arab cat at home! :-D

  8. Praful: LOL...ayyey !

    Anjuchechi: Wow that was a blog post in itself !!!!! hahahaa

  9. Priya: But there are no rats here...just apprehensions and wild imagination !

    Moonlite: I love Mickey and Minnie mouse too !

  10. Dialoguewithyou: Oh no ! hehe sure they are a menace..but there are none here as of now...but my imagination runs wild enough to see the unseen !

    Vineeta: haha podi I know you can relate to the situation much better !

    Davis: Haven't seen that movie...but now I'm going to ! Are u talking about having a giant arab cat in a one bedroom apartment where space is not enough to accommodate two tiny souls and a mouse ! And the food in the house and at the restaurant close by is not enough to fill my ever growing am I going 2 feed a cat !

  11. Why dont u get a snake which can catch d rats?? :-P

  12. Rohan: There are no rats ...its just a fear...:) And abt the snake, I will recommend your idea to my friends who face rodent menace in their homes...They might need ur contact number also :D

  13. LOL! Please keep the dino. Throw away the remaining :D

  14. Blunt: lol ! I am also keen on keeping the dino ! But if I do so, we'll have to move out :D


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