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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A super-cool B'day gift !

It was my birthday on June 15, and Indiblogger decided to give me a birthday gift !
Its true, I won Rs.10,000  in their contest to write on 'Real Beauty' , and the prize was announced on my birthday ! I couldn't ask for more !

Thanks to everyone who read that post on my blog, and to those who promoted, supported 
and selected my post on Indiblogger! I am so motivated ( and also scared now that I have to keep up a standard ) ! Thanks again !

You can scroll down to see my prize winning entry, or just click HERE.

You can find the Indiblogger prize winners on this page -  and navigate to see the prize winning entries.


  1. Congrats!!d tht post deserves a win

  2. wow congrats!! and I agree with Redhanded , your entry deserved the win!! keep writing :)


  3. congrats :) and happy belated happy bday :)

  4. Congratulations - I missed that post - Just read it and you did hit that one right out of the park! Full of emotion and rivoted me to the story. While I was reading it I thought about a comment a friend made to me just a few weeks ago. "I have to do what's right no matter how painful it is." Great post and congrats. I am proud of you!

  5. Thanks Grayquill...your comment that u r proud of me, made my day !

  6. Congratualtions Anita, it was really an awesome gift :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. Congrats and a belated birthday wishes :) The post was beautiful, it deserves

  8. happy belated birthday anita!
    i had read that post and was so touched by it...truly deserving!
    wish u great success always and many more such surprises always:-)

  9. Blasphemous Aesthete: yes it was ;-)

    Insignia: Thank you !

    Suruchi: Thanks a lot for your words, Suruchi.

  10. Anita,

    BELATED MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. Also May You always get such surprise gifts. I re-read that post and it surely deserved the prize, NO DOUBTS AT ALL.

    Take care

    PS : May I have your views in my space?

  11. happpy birthday n congratulations on winnign the prize.. all d away from Pakistan :-)))

    was just browsing through good blogs to find smart writers like you to befriend. Nice blog outlook and interesting write-ups. I write on relationships mostly as well as some funny stuff.
    I hope u can be a follower if u like my blog? Don’t forget to comment please !!
    The Emotional Lava
    Best of Luck for ur blogging.

  12. Super congratulationssssss!! :D
    And belated bday wihes!

  13. Congrats!
    Keep it up!

    (Ee malayalam blogukare vilikkanjitta... illel njanonnu payatiyene! Hi! Hi!)


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